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 Four high quality color posters were developed with the theme of “Thanks Mom for not drinking while you were pregnant with me.” The posters come in sets of four, with one of each design. The posters feature 4 Alaskan Native children from Aleut, Athabaskan, Tlinqit and Yup'ik tribes.

     Price: FREE

CURRICULUM Early Decisions: A Middle School & High School Curriculum
A FAS/ARBD prevention curriculum is being developed that integrates science, health and social studies into five teaching units. These teaching units will include lesson plans, activities, supplemental activities, overheads, power point presentations, additional resources, and a 14 minute video. These are available to middle schools, high schools and other educational and health care settings.

     Price: FREE for AK residents, $75 for non-AK residents

VIDEO “The Final Score: Winning Against FAS”
The Final Score: Winning Against FAS is about the prevention of Fetal AlcoholSyndrome. Suitable for viewing by ages 11 years to adult, “The Final Score” centersaround a teenage girl who does not know she is pregnant and has to make a decisionabout whether or not to drink alcohol. The video includes several interviews,one with a mom who gave birth to an affected child and one with an adoptive momwho shares her story of raising an affected child. The video also features fourAlaskan Native elders giving advice to future child bearers about abstainingfrom alcohol during pregnancy.
Running time: 14 minutes

     Price: FREE for AK residents, $25 for non-AK residents

An interactive computer game is being developed for teenagers and young adults to learn about the consequences of their actions regarding sexual activity and drinking.

 Post cards were produced using the same images from the healthy baby poster series and can be used as appointment reminder notices. These come in packages of 100, with 25 of each design.

     Price: FREE


 Note cards were produced featuring the images from the healthy baby posters series. The note cards come in sets of 8, with 2 of each design.

     Price: FREE

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 For more information about RurAL CAP’s Early Decisions Project or to request materials, contact admin@earlydecisions.org.

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